Justin R. Saunders, Designer, Creative Director and Founder of JJJJOUND, will be awarded the International Canadian Designer of the Year Award. Saunders has become an esteemed and enduring global reference point within the design community as a pioneer of the “digital mood board” and at the top of the streetwear hierarchy. Over the past decade, the evolution of JJJJound has been nothing short of remarkable. Under the insightful leadership of Saunders, JJJJound has evolved into a full-fledged, direct-to-consumer design studio whose products span from sought-after sneaker collaborations alongside New Balance, Reebok, ASICS, and Vans to apparel, tote bags, bikes, coffee mugs and more. JJJJound distinguishes itself by promoting timeless, essential commodities, elements of pop culture and aspirational lifestyles that allowed Saunders to establish connections that paved the way for his immersion in the industry such as Virgil Abloh, Matthew M. Williams, and Heron Preston. As a result, the website garnered immense popularity, drawing in a diverse audience of designers, fashion enthusiasts, and creative minds alike.